Diabetes in the classroom

Information for teachers and child care professionals about diabetes in children & adolescents

The Thuringian Diabetic Association regd. association (Diabetiker Thueringen e.V.) provides free counselling and referral to physicians and diabetes educators in your region.
'Diabetes in the classroom' informs teachers, child care professionals and fellow students about diabetes as a disease. Particular aspects of dealing with children with diabetes, possible special situations and ways of providing assistance.

Some frequently asked questions:

  • What kinds of problems can occur during class for a child with diabetes?
  • How does physical activity affect the child?
  • What are the symptoms of hypoglycaemia?
  • How can and must I assist the child?
  • What is a child with diabetes not allowed to eat or drink?
  • Can my child participate in physical education classes?
  • How often does the affected child have to inject insulin and monitor their own blood glucose?

You can arrange a 'classroom' conversation with medical specialists about these and other issues via one of our capable DIABETICS THURINGIA (DIABETIKER-THUERINGEN) team members.

We are keen to see that children with diabetes feel safe at school and are accepted by their fellow students.

Their fellow students should also be well informed about ways to provide assistance.