Diabetes Guides

... are a form of volunteer-based social support for people with diabetes.

Diabetes guides help people, who just after diagnosis are often overwhelmed by their situation, to access specialised medical treatment and care facilities quickly and easily. Guides can provide the details of medical practices specialising in diabetes, podiatrists, foot care outpatient services etc. in the different regions.

What is more, people with diabetes who have already had the disease for a longer time also benefit from the advice of the diabetes guides. Individual advice for those seeking it includes independent information about coping with everyday life.

Diabetes guides function as counsellors in case of social health issues and psychosocial problems in daily life, and provide support regarding preparedness to accept the disease and in becoming self-motivated.

Because of their personal experience, those affected are especially suited to passing on knowledge, supporting others with the disease and enabling them to change their lifestyle.

Diabetes guides see their work as complementing the treatment and health education recommended by doctors. They want to close the gap that can appear between medical care and the circumstances of daily life. Diabetes guides are no substitute for the physician and cannot provide treatment support – medical treatment is the exclusive domain of the physician.

Long-term health effects of diabetes can be prevented or delayed and the quality of life of those affected can be improved.

Diabetes guides give you the support to have a life worth living – with diabetes.

Diabetes guidance hotline:

Tuesdays, 6 pm - 8 pm:  0361- 54 157 447